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Keep your business totally secure and compliant

Complete peace of mind for your website. Lock down, backup, and protect your recruitment website with our fully managed website security. Complete peace of mind for your website.
Your website is built to GDPR recommended standards of privacy by design and privacy by default to safeguard the data of all individuals.
Automatically generated Cookie and Privacy Policy

You don’t need to worry about creating Cookie Policy or Privacy Policy documents. These are created for you with links to the documents in the footer of your website.

GDPR compliant forms

Your contact forms are GDPR compliant by providing a link to your privacy policy and requesting explicit consent before the form can be submitted.

Legitimate interest

Legitimate interest period is the time you define to store your candidate data.  You can define your own legitimate interest expiration period. The countdown for the period starts when you disqualify a candidate.

Reports, Logs & Security Scans

Stay ahead of every attack. Your website is protected with automated security scans, vulnerability reports, blacklist monitoring and code checks.

Secure Cloud Backup Protection

No security plan is complete without a backup plan! Your website runs automated nightly backups for safely storing your site… just incase. Your website can be restored to any point in the past 5 days if something goes wrong.

Safe Automated Updates

Did you know most successful attacks come from out of date core, theme, or plugins? Everything is automatically updated so that your website is never out of date.

A backup is run before and after upgrade to ensure your site did not break when upgrading.

Risk-free and affordable recruitment website

Now is the time to take advantage of the risk free, low cost opportunity to get a recruitment website that works for your recruitment business.

No upfront payment

Low monthly subscription

Cancel at anytime, no tie in.

Outstanding customer support

Save money with built-in Applicant Tracking System

Are you ready?

Turbo charge your recruitment website!

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