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99% of candidates check their email every day

Recruiters are always trying new ways to reach candidates but email is still the most effective messaging channel to reach candidates.


73% of candidates prefer communications from recruiters to come via email. More than 50% of candidates check their personal email account more than 10 times a day.

It is a fact that email is still one of the most effective candidate attraction tools available. Talent CRM gives you the tools to use email marketing effectively to attract more candidates and make more placements.

Attract 6 times more candidates with personalised email campaigns

Talent CRM has powerful customisable email templates that allow you to send personalised emails to candidates in bulk so you can send personalised emails to hundreds of candidates with just a click.

Not only does personalisation prove to attract more candidates, personalised emails have a 29% higher open rates and 41% higher click rates. The biggest boost is from personalised subject lines.

TOP TIPS: Using the candidate name in the email subject line increases the open rate by 46.21%. 56% of companies using an emoji in their email subject line had a higher open rate than those that did not.

Open rates for automated email campaigns are 80% higher than single send emails, and average click-through rates are three times higher

Talent CRM gives you powerful automated email campaigns that allow you to send a series of emails that are sent out on a schedule. You create the emails in advance and then use the automated system to send them out when you want. Recruiters that nurture their candidates with automated email campaigns experience a 45% increase in candidate responses when compared to recruiters that don’t.

TOP TIP: Research shows that it takes 7-13 “touchpoints,” or interactions with a candidate, to get a response.

GSuite & Office 365 Sync

Integrate your GSuite or Office 365 emails.

Email Templates

Use email templates to personalise emails and get 29% higher email open rate and 41% higher click rate.

Automated Email Campaigns

Attract 45% more candidates with powerful automated email campaigns.

Bulk Emails

Send personalised emails in bulk to hundreds of candidates with just a click.

Automated Emails

Always be the first one to reach your candidate and triple your sourcing efficiency.

Live Chat

Create a better experience by offering a live conversation.

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