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Sales or Copywriting?

By 09/10/2020No Comments

For the modern recruiter, what is more important, sales or copywriting?

It is an interesting question I think, should the modern recruiter be a sales person or a copywriter? What this question is basically posing is this, is the role of a recruiter to generate sales or to attract candidates? One could argue these are the same thing, especially in a candidate driven market. Generally most recruiters do both. But is it realistic to expect anyone to be a good sales person and good at marketing and or writing compelling copy? I generally find that most recruiters are one or the other, most are not good at both. Although this is of course changing with more and more recruiters engaging with creating videos and creating eye catching digital graphics for social. I think this is why the role of a recruiter is so challenging and at the same time exciting. There is so much to do and learn all the time. But let’s get back to the question at hand, what is more important, sales or copywriting? Vote below and see what others think.

For the modern recruiter, what is the more important skill, sales or copywriting?
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